The geographic location of Portugal, a gateway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, reflects on its cuisine. Fresh fish of all varieties, served grilled, steamed or deep fried, is abundant  with olive oil an imperative condiment. The tradition of salt cod, fished off the Norwegian and Icelandic coasts and  dried, salted and cured in Portugal, still prevails and it is claimed by all Portuguese that there are “1001 ways to cook cod”. 


Seafood is equally plentiful and is usually served cold after boiled, or grilled. Chicken, pork and lamb are the staples of Portuguese cuisine, and pork  shows an exciting variety from cured meats to fresh cuts. Beef, and veal in particular, are also very popular and matured meats, cattle aged between 10 and 15 years before slaughtering, are now coming of age.


The Menu stands out for itself due to the use of fresh ingredients.  Our chef Rodolfo Vicente have created a series of dedicated menus.





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