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Beyond Traditional - Modern Portuguese Cuisine

Updated: May 2, 2023

​Portuguese cuisine is known for its rich history and traditional dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation. However, in recent years, modern Portuguese chefs have been taking these classic dishes and putting their own contemporary twist on them.

Let's dive into modern Portuguese traditional cuisine and discover how it is evolving.

One of the hallmarks of modern Portuguese cuisine is the creative use of local and seasonal ingredients. At Lusitania, our chef is passionate about using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create dishes that are both delicious and sustainable.

This focus on high-quality ingredients has led to a renewed appreciation from our clients for traditional Portuguese crops such as Olive Oil, Salted Codfish, Octopus, Seafood, and Portuguese Wines.

Seafood is a cornerstone of Lusitania's kitchen, our chefs is using his creativity to showcase the diversity and versatility of Portugal's abundant seafood recipes.

On our Menu traditional dishes like 'Bacalhau' (salted codfish) and 'Polvo' (octopus) have been given a modern twist with innovative presentations and flavour combinations.

In addition meat dishes like 'Bife a Lusitania' steak with parma ham and 'Leitão' Suckling Pig have been given a contemporary update.

Our chef offers new ways of cooking and presenting these dishes while still respecting their traditional roots.

Desserts are also an important part of Portuguese cuisine, at Lusitania, we elevate traditional sweets with innovative techniques. The popular 'Bolo de Bolacha' a biscuit cake made with layers of buttery biscuits and a creamy egg custard filling, toped with a chocolate glaze is one of our customer's favourite. Be sure to try some from our menu and indulge in the sweet side of Portuguese cuisine!

Taking traditional dishes and giving them a gastronomic flourish, at Lusitania you can expect a more sophisticated dishes honouring the country's culinary heritage while also experimenting with new techniques and ingredients.

Whether you're a fan of classic Portuguese dishes or are looking for a contemporary style, our Menu is built on simple thought: showcase the best produce using the best techniques.


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